Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Hunger Challenge - Sept. 21 – 27

We love our food in San Francisco - but there are thousands of people going hungry every day in this city. The average family living on food stamps has just $1 per person to spend on each meal. Want to help? Here's how:
  1. Participate: Try spending just $3 per day on food or $21 a week, per person. Try it for a week or for just a meal - then write about your experiences.
  2. Create: Post a recipe that costs $1 per person and share it with the Food Bank to benefit our local community.
  3. Donate: Contribute to the Food Bank. Consider contributing the amount of cash you saved by spending only $21 on food for the week. For every $1 donated, the San Francisco Food Bank can provide $9 worth of food to the hungry.
  4. Advocate: Get your readers to take the challenge, too - and urge them to contact their elected officials about hunger issues.
  5. Fill a Plate: Join your fellow bloggers for a volunteer evening at the Food Bank, so you can help put more food on people's plates.


jennconspiracy said...

What are the rules? Can you eat things that you forage or grow in your own garden?

San Francisco Food Bank said...

If you'd like to join us the next time we have a Hunger Challenge, just leave your email in the form on the left side of the page.
The rules are pretty basic: spend no more than $21 a week per person for all your food. That applies to everything but seasonings, which are "free." If a low-income person could forage for the kinds of foods you're considering, that should work. But if they'd need to have a car or travel very far to forage, that's probably not something they could do. Same goes for things you grow yourself. You'd need to factor in the cost of seeds, tools, soil amendments, etc. - and if you want to really be a stickler - also consider the time to garden and rent or mortgage cost of that patch of land. Personally, I grabbed some herbs out of my garden, because I figured rosemary is fairly easy to find growing nearly anywhere.