Friday, September 11, 2009

2009 Hunger Challenge - September 20-26

Can you eat for just $4 a day? That's the average amount a Californian on food stamps has to spend on a day's meals.

The San Francisco Food Bank's 2009 Hunger Challenge is this week - September 20-26. Try it for a week or even just a day. More than 35 million people in our country live on a food stamp budget – can you? If you'd like to join the Hunger Challenge, email us at:

Can't take the Hunger Challenge? Consider making a donation to help us feed the 150,000 people in San Francisco who are unsure where their next meal is coming from. Your $20 donation allows us to provide $180 worth of groceries!


shamrock said...

i always eat for less than 4.00 aday i eat one time a day and i only allowe my self 10 dollars for 5 days to eat on. what your asking does not sound that far out there. Now if i was asked to feed a family for that aday i would have to ask WHAT are you thinking. but for one person to eat on 4 a day is quiet reasonalbe to me.

allisen said...

I did something like this last year and wrote about at Good luck to everyone this year.

Anonymous said...

I feed a family of 3 for $25-30 a week. That's $1.20-$1.43 per person per day. Less than half of what people on food stamps get. Yes, it can be done. You just have to be smart about what you're purchasing. Plan out your meals based on what is on sale, only buy things on sale, no junk food, and make everything from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not difficult to eat on that. I get food stamps, and what I get averages out to $5/day for just me, but I also tend to feed anyone else who needs food. Anyway, I even manage to buy a lot of frozen meals, protein bars, etc, but if I have the option I'll always buy the generic brand. Point is, this is not difficult, and I could eat for even less than I do now if I took the time to make everything from scratch.