Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hunger Challenge Featured on The Kitchn, BlogHer and Tablehopper!

Dana Velden writes in The Kitchn:
Several SF bloggers have taken up the challenge, which is to try to live for a week on a food budget of $21. Their experiences are eye opening. The truth is, it's impossible to feed yourself anything close to a proper nutritious diet on $3 a day, yet many people in San Francisco do. It's hard to imagine what their lives would be like if there weren't places like the SF Food Bank to help pick up some of the slack...
Dana, thanks for raising awareness and starting a great conversation among your readers!

Tablehopper Marcia Gagliardi gave a morale-boosting shout-out in her weekly newsletter:
Wanted to point out this cool (and incredibly challenging) thing a group of Bay
Area food bloggers are doing: the ~SAN FRANCISCO FOOD BANK’S HUNGER CHALLENGE~, which means figuring out how to eat for just $1 per meal this week...
Marcia, who is a great supporter of SF Food Bank, listed links to all the partipating blogs. Thanks yet again, Marcia!!

Alanna Kellogg writes on BlogHer:
Have you had your grande latte today? Ka-ching, that's three bucks. Munch a
small taco for lunch? There's another. Fed your sugar crash at the company
vending machine? Another. If you were an average family living on food stamps,
$3 is all you'd have to spend, per person, for an entire day's food. To raise
awareness, money and recipes, this week the San Francisco Food Bank launched the
Hunger Challenge.
Alanna goes on to quote from Hunger Challenge posts on Cooking with Amy, Blog Appetit and The Inadvertent Gardener. Her post is followed by some wonderful, supportive comments by readers. Thanks so much for your support, Alanna!

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