Friday, September 26, 2008

Lisa Barnes & Her Entire Family Take the Hunger Challenge..And so does Maria Niles

Hunger Challenger Lisa Barnes, of Petit Appetit, has a great post about her experience at OrganicToBe. Here's a taste of her experiences feeding a family on the Hunger Challenge:

This was definetely going to be more difficult than I had originally
thought and there are a few things that make this challenge especially
frustrating. The first is that it has to be done at all. Food should be a right,
not a privilege. All individuals and families should have access to healthy
foods, especially in a country where so many have so much. The second problem is having a family. If you were only in charge of feeding and providing for
yourself as an adult you understand your own circumstances and can try to be
more discilplined. How do you tell your child “no, you may not have the other
half of her banana”?
Read her entire post here.

Maria Niles, of PopConsumer, read about other bloggers' experiences and decided to give it a try. Here's an exerpt of what she had to say on Day 2:

I get it. I'm hungry and it sucks.

Today I was light headed and woozy. It might be all in my head but right now as I sit here my stomach is rumbling. Plus I'm cranky, as you might guess from the whining that is about to commence.

I suppose if this were my life I might adjust t0 be able to function on this diet
once I got used to it. But I think people don't. They go hungry. If they have
kids they put more food their way so the kids can make it through school with a
hope of being able to learn.

Read more of Maria's Hunger Challenge blogs here.

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