Friday, September 11, 2009

CBS5 Reporter Sue Kwon Joins the Hunger Challenge

CBS5 ConsumerWatch reporter Sue Kwon took the Hunger Challenge and reported about her experiences. Here are links to her stories:
~Monday (noon): Sue describes the Hunger Challenge
~Monday (6 pm): A look at hunger stats; Sue's shopping trip with Hunger Challenge blogger Amy Sherman and her first day eating for just $4 
~Tuesday: Shopping with a food stamp recipient and info on food stamp requirements
~Wednesday: What it feels like on the Hunger Challenge, plus viewer comments
~Thursday: San Francisco Food Bank grocery pantries, recipes with Amy  
~Friday: The Tyson donation arrives!
    We're thrilled - and very grateful - that Sue and CBS5 made such a big commitment to shining a light on hunger in San Francisco!
    [In the photo above, Sue shops for the Challenge with veteran Hunger Challenge blogger Amy Sherman; below, all the food Sue had to eat for a week.]

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