Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Appetit Fights Hunger

Faith Kramer of Blog Appetit has signed on to create recipes that will help low-income people eat healthier and stretch their food dollar farther. Here's how she's taking action:

I've begun planning my menu and recipes and I'm so jazzed to be able to help like this.

My plan is to "source" each meal independent of food bank offerings, but include typical things such as peanut butter and carrots so if your clients have these things, so much the better.

I'm doing a day's menu (although that could change) and each of the three meals will be sourced from a different outlet to demonstrate shopping pluses at each.

Breakfast will be from Safeway -- where 2 for 1 deals make the difference since breakfast usually means more packaged foods.

Lunch will probably be from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or a produce market or the like where I'm hoping to find seasonal produce for a soup.

Dinner will be from somewhere low income people often shop that has good deals on meat for the stew.

My menu will will have lots of seasonal veggies and not feature anything but fairly popular seasonings so there will be nothing esoteric to buy.

I am also trying to balance the healthiness and inexpensiveness of "scratch" cooking with the convenience of processed foods.

Thanks, Faith!

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